Taking the Workout Inside: Fall Swim Program

As much as I love fall, I am really dreading the cold winter months. In our town, it’s not unusual to see snow on the ground from November to early April! While it certainly pretty, it really puts a damper on my exercise program, as I try to run or bike outside daily. I recently posted about attending some classes at our local gym, and I’m working on ways to utilized the gym even more when the temperature drops.

My husband, who was a state-championship swimmer in high school, has been encouraging me to give swimming a try as a form of exercise. I’ve typically shied away from the pool just because of the extra time it takes to change and shower, but I recently found a list of its benefits. Swimming can strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility, reduce coronary heart disease, assist in weight-loss, and lower stress! When I read that, I thought set a goal to become a decent swimmer by next spring. The only problem with swimming workouts? I can’t wear my Tummy Tuck Belt in the pool!

Here’s one workout I found online that I’m going to try:

  • 100 yards: slow warm-up
  • 50 yards: flutter kick on my side
  • 50 yards: flutter kick with help of kickboard
  • 5 intervals of 50 yards: swim at a high pace for two laps, five times
  • 2 intervals of 50 yards: swim at a slow pace for two laps, two times
  • 100 yards: swim at a moderate pace
  • 100 yards: swim at a slow pace

We’ll see how it goes! Do any readers have advice for a novice swimmer? Leave your tips in the comments below!