Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage

My husband and I recently celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary – I can’t believe how fast time is going. We got a babysitter for the girls for the evening and went to the fanciest restaurant in town. I treated myself to a new black dress for the occasion and wore my Tummy Tuck Belt underneath to help my figure. Dinner was absolutely delicious! We really do need to have date nights more often. My husband had a filet mignon Oscar (I helped myself to more than a couple bites) and I had a delicious lobster ravioli dish. We finished the meal with crème brulee (wasn’t I just telling you about my sweet tooth?!) and a glass of champagne to celebrate eight wonderful years together.

While I was getting dressed for our date, I thought how nice it would have been to have a Tummy Tuck Belt back when I got married. Even though I worked out a lot before our wedding date, it would have been nice to have the belt to wear under my wedding dress. My favorite memory of my wedding day was the look on my husband’s face when they opened the doors of the church for me to walk down the aisle. It is truly something I will never forget!