Typical Mom Problems: Fighting off a Sweet Tooth

Do any of you out there have a sweet tooth like me? Lately I feel like there is constantly something sugary nearby that I’ve been snacking on: M&Ms, brownies, and more. My oldest daughter just had her third birthday party and we made dozens of cupcakes to take to school. They were chocolate cupcakes topped with pink icing (her favorite color) and purple sprinkles. Cooking with Sarah is so much fun! Even though the kitchen gets pretty messy with the two girls helping out, some of my favorite memories have been made while baking. I also got some great shots last week of Sarah with icing all over her face.

As a mom trying to watch her weight, my sweet tooth can get me in trouble sometimes. That’s why I like to keep fresh fruit around the house to snack on. It gives you a little bit of sweetness and you won’t find yourself at the bottom of a tub of icing. I even took the girls to the strawberry field a few weekends ago to let them help me pick a few buckets. It was a fun trip that helped me teach the girls of having a balanced and nutritious diet. I even remembered to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt on our little excursion! So, readers, which do you prefer – sweets, fruit or a little bit of both?