Welcome to Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews!

Hi everyone! My name is Ashely and I’m just starting this little page here, my first endeavor into the world of blogging! Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m married and just had my second daughter. Her big sister, Sarah, is four and is thrilled to have a “real live babydoll.” To help mommy take care of. When I got home from the hospital a few months ago, before my maternity leave ended, I started wearing my Tummy Tuck Belt around the house and while I was running errands. It’s fantastic because no one can tell that you’re wearing it under your clothes — it’s like my little secret! Now that I’m about to head back to work and leave my little baby girl with our nanny, I’m thinking that I will probably continue to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt under my work clothes as well.

Lucky for me, I’m a dental hygienist at an office very close to our home so instead of having to worry about which skirt matches which blouse or running around in high heels all day, I just have to choose which pair of scrubs I’m going to wear. And though scrubs aren’t skin tight, they do fitĀ  you very closely. Even then, the Tummy Tuck Belt remains totally invisible. For my first day back at work, I’ve decided to wear my pink scrubs with the baby rattles on them. I also have a picture of my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, to look at if I get sad during the day. Of course, I’ll also probably call her nanny every five minutes to check up on her. Do you moms out there have any advice for leaving your baby for the first time?