Making the Best of Summer’s Healthy Produce

As summer is winding down, I find myself wishing that summer vacation could be a reality after our school days are over. My husband and I both have flexible jobs that allow us to take a couple days off here and there to sneak out of town with the girls, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an entire summer to do whatever you want? Hey, a girl can dream!

One of my favorite things to do this summer was use the bountiful fruits and veggies I found at the local farmer’s market to make delicious, homemade meals for my family. I love to use produce when I’m cooking, whether it’s fresh zucchini or sweet raspberries. Overall, this summer has been really healthy: eating lots of produce, spending a lot of time outside and always remembering to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt.

One of my favorite treats recently has been ice cream – not just any ice cream though. Ice cream made by tossing a few frozen bananas into the food processor. You wouldn’t believe it but it has the same consistency and taste as real ice cream! Sometimes I’ll add a spoonful of honey, peanut butter or nutella when I want to mix it up a bit. What is your favorite healthy summer treat?