Spring is Almost Here! What are You Looking Forward To?

If April showers bring May flowers, then what do March showers bring? In our house we are beyond ready for spring: enough with the cold, enough with the snow, and enough with the puffy jackets. I’m diagnosing these two girlies of mine with a serious case of cabin fever and the hubby and I are tired of spending all our weekends indoors.

What is your favorite part about spring? In four words, my favorite thing about the upcoming season is this: end of daylight savings. It is so nice to leave the dental office where I work and have a little sunlight left over on my drive home. Just those fifteen minutes in my car watching the sun set leave me refreshed and ready to spend some time with my wonderful family. My other favorite thing about spring is that it’s followed by summer. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am actually ready for swimsuit season! Not only have I been eating healthy, which I have discussed here before, but my husband and I have been swimming laps at the local Y when we can and I’ve been using my Tummy Tuck Belt five days a week! No longer will I fear our family’s summer vacation, and thank goodness!

What are your favorite parts about spring?