As Halloween Approaches, The Sugary Temptations Never End

Fall is finally here and we are really loving it! It’s so nice to have a reprieve from the sweltering summer heat and we’ve fallen back into our regular schedule. Sarah, our four-year-old is back in preschool five days a week and our nanny is just so great with the girls that I don’t feel as sad leaving them each morning to head to work.

What are some of your favorite things about fall? Sarah is already excited for Halloween and has been begging us to help her carve a pumpkin every time we go to the grocery store. Of course with Halloween comes all the delicious candy that I’m trying to avoid. Reese’s and Tootsie Rolls and caramel apples – oh my! While my Tummy Tuck Belt helps me appear slimmer just by wearing it, my goal is to also eat healthier. So while everyone else (i.e. my husband) is chowing down on sugary Halloween treats like my favorite, candy corn, I’ll be eating carrots. Hey, at least they’re orange! I’ve also been using Pinterest to find some healthy meals that the entire family can enjoy. Have any of our readers used Pinterest for meal planning? Let me know what your favorite healthy recipes are, I’m always ready to try something new!



Making the Best of Summer’s Healthy Produce

As summer is winding down, I find myself wishing that summer vacation could be a reality after our school days are over. My husband and I both have flexible jobs that allow us to take a couple days off here and there to sneak out of town with the girls, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an entire summer to do whatever you want? Hey, a girl can dream!

One of my favorite things to do this summer was use the bountiful fruits and veggies I found at the local farmer’s market to make delicious, homemade meals for my family. I love to use produce when I’m cooking, whether it’s fresh zucchini or sweet raspberries. Overall, this summer has been really healthy: eating lots of produce, spending a lot of time outside and always remembering to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt.

One of my favorite treats recently has been ice cream – not just any ice cream though. Ice cream made by tossing a few frozen bananas into the food processor. You wouldn’t believe it but it has the same consistency and taste as real ice cream! Sometimes I’ll add a spoonful of honey, peanut butter or nutella when I want to mix it up a bit. What is your favorite healthy summer treat?

Summertime is Flying By!

Whew, I cannot believe how quickly summer is flying by! With two little girls, it seems like as soon as we get a second to catch our breath, we’re off on another adventure. So far this summer we’ve been to visit each set of grandparents, visited the zoo, spent a rainy afternoon at the movie theater, watched the fireworks over the river and lots more.

Right now, I’m in the middle of packing everyone’s things to head out to our lake house for an entire week. By the way, how does packing always end up being mom’s job? At the lake we usually wake up early and do some sort of hike (or as much of a hike as we can with one daughter wandering to look at every bug and the other in a jogging stroller) and then spend the rest of the day on the water. At night, we’ll grill out and spend some time counting the stars before heading to bed. I am so thankful for this time to spend with my husband and girlies.

Now it’s back to packing… I must find my Tummy Tuck Belt before I leave. I can’t go anywhere without that thing!

Celebrating 8 Years of Marriage

My husband and I recently celebrated our eight-year wedding anniversary – I can’t believe how fast time is going. We got a babysitter for the girls for the evening and went to the fanciest restaurant in town. I treated myself to a new black dress for the occasion and wore my Tummy Tuck Belt underneath to help my figure. Dinner was absolutely delicious! We really do need to have date nights more often. My husband had a filet mignon Oscar (I helped myself to more than a couple bites) and I had a delicious lobster ravioli dish. We finished the meal with crème brulee (wasn’t I just telling you about my sweet tooth?!) and a glass of champagne to celebrate eight wonderful years together.

While I was getting dressed for our date, I thought how nice it would have been to have a Tummy Tuck Belt back when I got married. Even though I worked out a lot before our wedding date, it would have been nice to have the belt to wear under my wedding dress. My favorite memory of my wedding day was the look on my husband’s face when they opened the doors of the church for me to walk down the aisle. It is truly something I will never forget!

Typical Mom Problems: Fighting off a Sweet Tooth

Do any of you out there have a sweet tooth like me? Lately I feel like there is constantly something sugary nearby that I’ve been snacking on: M&Ms, brownies, and more. My oldest daughter just had her third birthday party and we made dozens of cupcakes to take to school. They were chocolate cupcakes topped with pink icing (her favorite color) and purple sprinkles. Cooking with Sarah is so much fun! Even though the kitchen gets pretty messy with the two girls helping out, some of my favorite memories have been made while baking. I also got some great shots last week of Sarah with icing all over her face.

As a mom trying to watch her weight, my sweet tooth can get me in trouble sometimes. That’s why I like to keep fresh fruit around the house to snack on. It gives you a little bit of sweetness and you won’t find yourself at the bottom of a tub of icing. I even took the girls to the strawberry field a few weekends ago to let them help me pick a few buckets. It was a fun trip that helped me teach the girls of having a balanced and nutritious diet. I even remembered to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt on our little excursion! So, readers, which do you prefer – sweets, fruit or a little bit of both?

Gardening and Enjoying Spring Temperatures

Hi there everyone! I’m back – and loving this beautiful spring weather. It said on the Weather Channel the other night that our winter was one of the mildest on record. Now I’m not disagreeing, but I’m happy that it’s officially spring again. Although my poor hubby has the worst allergies; he’s been coughing and sneezing all week.

One of my favorite things about this season is getting out and working in our yard. I let my husband take care of the grass, but the flowerbeds are my area. Lately, I’ve been putting on my Tummy Tuck Belt under my grungy yard clothes. Last weekend the whole family spent a lot of time outside.

Springtime in our yard calls for a lot of maintenance to resuscitate them from winter. Saturday morning we headed to Home Depot to stock up on some new supplies. The husband needed a new blade for his lawnmower and I found some to-die-for pink gardening gloves. During the day I worked on pruning some of our shrubs, weeding the flowerbeds and deheading some of the flowers and plants (basically just pulling off dead leaves). All in all, it was a tiring day, but I felt great from working in the sun and wearing my Tummy Tuck Belt. Now that all the boring gardening is out of the way, it’s time for the pretty stuff!

Back to Work Whirlwind

Well everyone, good news! I made it through my first few days back at work without missing my girls too much. Everyone at the office was great about dealing with the dental hygienist/mommy with separation anxiety. What am I going to do when they go off to school?!

Nearly all the other ladies at the office are moms too, so they helped make my transition back into the office so much easier. They had given me updates on big news while I was still at home, which made me want to come into work and learn more and they gave me a light schedule on my first day back. Everyone commented on how good I looked already after my pregnancy – of course, I shared that I was wearing my Tummy Tuck Belt under my clothes. They were amazed and said they had no idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole office starts wearing Tummy Tuck Belts under their scrubs!!

As happy as I am to be back at work, I’m already looking forward to the weekend. My husband and I have hardly any plans; we plan to spend this chilly weekend building a huge fire in our fireplace and hanging out with the girls. It looks like there’s snow in the forecast again – I wonder if my Tummy Tuck Belt will keep me extra warm if we go outside to play in the snow (ha ha!). Talk to you soon!

Welcome to Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews!

Hi everyone! My name is Ashely and I’m just starting this little page here, my first endeavor into the world of blogging! Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I’m married and just had my second daughter. Her big sister, Sarah, is four and is thrilled to have a “real live babydoll.” To help mommy take care of. When I got home from the hospital a few months ago, before my maternity leave ended, I started wearing my Tummy Tuck Belt around the house and while I was running errands. It’s fantastic because no one can tell that you’re wearing it under your clothes — it’s like my little secret! Now that I’m about to head back to work and leave my little baby girl with our nanny, I’m thinking that I will probably continue to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt under my work clothes as well.

Lucky for me, I’m a dental hygienist at an office very close to our home so instead of having to worry about which skirt matches which blouse or running around in high heels all day, I just have to choose which pair of scrubs I’m going to wear. And though scrubs aren’t skin tight, they do fit  you very closely. Even then, the Tummy Tuck Belt remains totally invisible. For my first day back at work, I’ve decided to wear my pink scrubs with the baby rattles on them. I also have a picture of my youngest daughter, Elizabeth, to look at if I get sad during the day. Of course, I’ll also probably call her nanny every five minutes to check up on her. Do you moms out there have any advice for leaving your baby for the first time?