Losing Baby Weight, Normal Mom Style

While standing in the checkout line in the grocery store yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly celebrity moms tend to lose their baby weight. It’s like they were never even pregnant! I guess if I was a movie start with millions in the bank, I’d hire someone to get me in shape as well.

After having our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, I was itching for some kind of physical activity. When I was pregnant, I could hardly do anything besides laps around the neighborhood to keep me feeling fit. All of a sudden, I felt like I wanted to swim and bike and do kickboxing and any other exercise I could find! However, it’s important to start small after a period of inactivity. I started by wearing my Tummy Tuck Belt on a daily basis just around the house. I then added back power walking and yoga, while still wearing my belt, and moved up to aerobics classes at our gym and some jogging.

Notice that I’m not recommending 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and running 12 miles a day! It seems like every time I pick up one of these celebrity magazines, that’s what their personal trainers are telling them to do. And for the new mom, that’s just not doable or healthy! As I’ve said a million times before eating healthy and working out is the best way to stay in shape, no gimmicks!