Taking the Workout Inside: Fall Swim Program

As much as I love fall, I am really dreading the cold winter months. In our town, it’s not unusual to see snow on the ground from November to early April! While it certainly pretty, it really puts a damper on my exercise program, as I try to run or bike outside daily. I recently posted about attending some classes at our local gym, and I’m working on ways to utilized the gym even more when the temperature drops.

My husband, who was a state-championship swimmer in high school, has been encouraging me to give swimming a try as a form of exercise. I’ve typically shied away from the pool just because of the extra time it takes to change and shower, but I recently found a list of its benefits. Swimming can strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility, reduce coronary heart disease, assist in weight-loss, and lower stress! When I read that, I thought set a goal to become a decent swimmer by next spring. The only problem with swimming workouts? I can’t wear my Tummy Tuck Belt in the pool!

Here’s one workout I found online that I’m going to try:

  • 100 yards: slow warm-up
  • 50 yards: flutter kick on my side
  • 50 yards: flutter kick with help of kickboard
  • 5 intervals of 50 yards: swim at a high pace for two laps, five times
  • 2 intervals of 50 yards: swim at a slow pace for two laps, two times
  • 100 yards: swim at a moderate pace
  • 100 yards: swim at a slow pace

We’ll see how it goes! Do any readers have advice for a novice swimmer? Leave your tips in the comments below!

End of Summer Means Return to Regular Routine

Whew! Do you ever get to the end of the summer and just can’t wait to kick up your feet and take a load off? Our little family of four has been going non-stop since June and only now that fall is in sight to I feel like I can catch my breath. This fall will be a little different than most, since Sarah started kindergarten this week! Yes, I’m just like all the other mama’s out there who cried and cried when I dropped her off at school the first day. She, of course, ran off and started making friends immediately, which made me proud, but it’s such a hard thing to see them growing up so quickly.

Now that it’s just Elizabeth and me during the day, it may be a little less hectic. I’ve signed her up for a toddler gymnastics program at our local sports club and I’m looking forward to seeing her interact with other little ones. Just like with Sarah, it is so incredible as a parent to see the skills and manners you’ve taught your child at home put into place in public. We’re still working on “please” and “thank you” with Elizabeth, but it’s coming soon!

Another reason I’m looking forward to fall is the chance to get back to a regular routine. This summer I wasn’t able to make it to the gym as much as usual, but I probably burned just as many calories chasing after the girls as I would have. I’ll be able to attend workout classes or hit the cardio machines while Elizabeth is in her gymnastics program and I’m making sure to wear my Tummy Tuck Belt while we’re running errands around town. One good habit we picked up this summer is family bike rides after dinner – my husband and I look forward to continuing this after-dinner ritual until it gets too cold outside.

What are you looking forward to most about fall? What healthy things did you and your family do together this summer?

Losing Baby Weight, Normal Mom Style

While standing in the checkout line in the grocery store yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice how quickly celebrity moms tend to lose their baby weight. It’s like they were never even pregnant! I guess if I was a movie start with millions in the bank, I’d hire someone to get me in shape as well.

After having our youngest daughter, Elizabeth, I was itching for some kind of physical activity. When I was pregnant, I could hardly do anything besides laps around the neighborhood to keep me feeling fit. All of a sudden, I felt like I wanted to swim and bike and do kickboxing and any other exercise I could find! However, it’s important to start small after a period of inactivity. I started by wearing my Tummy Tuck Belt on a daily basis just around the house. I then added back power walking and yoga, while still wearing my belt, and moved up to aerobics classes at our gym and some jogging.

Notice that I’m not recommending 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and running 12 miles a day! It seems like every time I pick up one of these celebrity magazines, that’s what their personal trainers are telling them to do. And for the new mom, that’s just not doable or healthy! As I’ve said a million times before eating healthy and working out is the best way to stay in shape, no gimmicks!

Mixing Up Your Workout: Tips & Tricks

I’ve talked a lot recently about eating healthy and watching my sugar intake, so today I want to talk a little about working out and staying fit. As a mommy with a full-time job, I will start by saying it is hard to find time to work out during the week. But, as I have mentioned before, my husband and I are working hard to carve out time to exercise and support each other. I can’t say enough great things about my hubby – there have been several times in the past month he’s offered to entertain the girls so I can go for a quick bike ride or do a workout online.

Speaking of online workouts, have you been using Pinterest to find ideas for exercising? I have and I am thrilled with the quantity and quality of the workouts I’ve found there. For example, I’ve recently been doing this crazy workout I call “The Hundreds.” All you need is 20 minutes and some good tunes to keep you pumped up. I always try to throw on my Tummy Tuck Belt before I workout too! For “The Hundreds” workout you do the following: 100 jumping jacks, 90 crunches, 80 squats, 70 leg lifts, 60 more jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 40 squats, 30 leg lifts, 20 more jumping jacks and run for 10 minutes. Crazy, right? I didn’t say it was easy and I definitely struggled with it for the first two weeks, but I can say that I feel better and I think I can tell a difference!

Have you tried any online workouts? Which ones do you like the best?